Instructions to Complete the Risk Management Process for the Amherst Soccer Association

Instructions and Information to Obtain or Renew a NYSWYSA Risk Management Pass for the Amherst Soccer Association

All Amherst Soccer Association Travel League coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and team trainers must have a valid New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) Risk Management pass to have a roster generated for their travel teams.

To obtain this pass, the NYSWYSA office in Corning, NY will first run a background check on you.

The passes are valid for 2 years. To determine if your pass is valid, check the expiration date on your pass, or email our Risk Management Coordinator, at The Risk Management Coordinator will then be able to will check the status of your pass for you.

If your pass has expired, or you are requesting a pass for the first time:

1.    Please email with the following information:

            Full name
            Telephone number(s)
            Birth Date
            Preferred Email Address.

            Your information will then be entered, and your request for a background check and a pass will be sent to
            NYSWYSA. NYSWYSA will bill ASA for the $10 fee.

2.    Once NYSWYSA has received your request, they will send you an automated email (to the preferred email address you provided) with additional information. This email will also include an important link to the NYSWYSA Risk Management Disclosure form, which must now be submitted online. This form gives NYSWYSA permission to do your background check. Do not delay in completing this form!

3.    Once your pass has been approved, NYSWYSA will mail your pass to our Risk Management Coordinator, who will then mail the pass to you. In most cases your pass will be approved within a few days from the date you submit the online form, but please allow at least three weeks for the request to be processed.

4.    In order for your pass to be valid you must:

•    Attach a recent photograph.
•    Sign the pass using all the names and initials printed on the front of the pass.
•    Have the pass laminated.

Important! Please keep your pass in a safe place. The cost for replacing a lost, but current, pass is $25. If you do misplace your pass, please contact the Risk Management Coordinator. You will then be asked to send a letter to the NYSWYSA State Office requesting the replacement pass. This letter should also include your name, address, club name (Amherst Soccer Association), and a check for $25.00 made out to NYSWYSA.

For more information, please visit the New York State West Youth Soccer Association Risk Management site at

If you have any questions, please email

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