Risk Management for House League Coaches

Instructions and Information to Obtain or Renew a NYSWYSA Risk Management Pass for the Amherst Soccer Association

All Amherst Soccer Association House League coaches, assistant coaches, managers, temporary volunteers, board members, committee members and refereees must have a valid New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) Risk Management pass.

This process not only protects our children but, also protects YOU, the volunteer by providing USYSA liability insurance.  Please follow through with this important action

All our house and travel coaches, travel assistant coaches, travel team managers, travel team trainers, and the members of our board of directors are required to have these passes.

To obtain this pass, the NYSWYSA office in Corning, NY will first run a background check on you.

The passes are valid for 2 years. All passes expire on the second year after approval in December.  To determine if your pass is valid, check the expiration date on your pass.

If your pass has expired, or you are requesting a pass for the first time:

 Please follow the instructions by clicking this link below.  You will first have to create an account with the provider, and then proceed with the process.  The cost is $25 and is paid by the requestor.  Amherst Soccer will reimburse your fees (we will soon have a process to do this for free and have the provider bill ASA)

Welcome to our new RM system - Sports Engine SE! 

 Volunteers can access the system at the following link: 


 This is a direct registration/direct pay system whereby each staff member/candidate must create a new Sports Engine account or log-in to an existing account to complete.  Your staff will be able to monitor their progress from within their account as well as receive direct notifications from Sports Engine if additional information is required or they are approved.        

•    During the process you will need to attach/upload a recent headshot photograph and view some important videos.

•    When you receive the pass, have it laminated.  ASA has a laminator in the VG conference room
Carry the pass in your wallet to have with you any time you volunteer as you may be asked to produce it.

For more information, please visit the New York State West Youth Soccer Association Risk Management site at http://www.nyswysa.org/risk

If you have any questions, please email riskmanager@amherstsoccer.com.


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