NEW ADIDAS TRAVEL UNIFORM - online store open soon

Travel Custom kit for use Fall 2021 through Summer 2023 and also your source for all soccer supplies for House players too! - Also visit for all your soccer shoes, apparel, ASA apparel, coach apparel, fan wear

NEW ADIDAS TRAVEL UNIFORM - online store open soon


Travel Players:

  • samples are available for sizing at the Village Glen.  
  • you must verify your jersey number with the Travel coach before ordering
  • discounts on additional merchandise, shoes, balls, team wear, fan wear, club apparel can be ordered
  • free shipping on orders over $99
  • receive a free GOAL CLUB account ($25 value) to obtain discounts on future purchases and accumulate points for free gear


  • your uniform will be provided at uniform pickup dates as publicized by email
  • (photo on the House page) and the correct size can be chosen at pickup
  • feel free to visit the SOCCER.COM online Amherst Soccer store to purchase other items such as balls, bags, parent and coach apparel, hoodies, logo shirts, etc
  • obtain a free GOAL CLUB card ($25 value) on your first visit to receive discounts and point accumulation for future free merchandise


  • visit our SOCCER.COM store to purchase items to support the team and look your best on the sideline!


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