Amherst Soccer Raffle 2017


Congratulations to Bumjoon Kang - Winner of our first early bird drawing!!!!

...And to John Morsellino - Winner of our second early bird drawing!!

Congratulations to our 2017 Raffle Winers!!!!!  (we'll be contacting you shortly for delivery)

$5000 - 2 winners
Jason Brydges
Laura Ott
$1000 - 2 winners
Maryanne Elkan
T Paplham
$500 - 3 winners
Diane Danko
Alison Mackey
Chris Cutrona
$100 - 15 winners
Colleen Rodgers
C Smith
Laura Taddeo
Shawn Lemay
Bob Krum
Debbie Barbaritz
Michael Pecoraro
Catherine Eberl
Paul King
Carrie Carver
Robert VandeMark
Vitaly Shalumov
K Medler
Natale Zeolla
Melissa Maynes


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