GAME PREPARATION = Preparing the team, Pre-Game, Half-Time and Post Game

By Adrian Parrish



* Motivate Players

* Give Players individual goals to achieve

* Stress 3 or 4 points which are looking for your team to achieve. These points should be relevant that you have covered with them during practice, for example: Building up over the flanks, Speed of Play, winning 1v1 battles, high pressure defense.



During the game, it should be a time for you to sit down and make sure that you have influenced the players to perform their skills and duties. Yelling and screaming at them throughout the game will very often have a negative and reverse effect on what you want to achieve, remain calm and composed.


Positive coaching advice and structure will help you players, and there will be times during the game where you need to talk and advice the players, does this in the form of a question, for example if your striker is passing the responsibilities over of taking the shot, ask " Do you think it is better for you to shoot on those opportunities"?




* Address no more than 4 Team points, example: Be first to the ball

* Focus on the teams strengths and what they have done well during the first half

* Mention your teams weakness and how to adjust so they will improve

* Give each player a brief first half summary on their individual performances, focus on things that they have done well and be positive with giving advice on where they need to improve


As the half-time whistle blows greet your players of the field, either with a hand shake or some kind of a gesture. Be constructive by saying Well Done!! to every player and then allow them 5 minutes to digest their game before you even start communicating to them in any capacity. This will allow you to reflect on what you are about to say and allow the players to settle down before hearing from you.




* Same as Half-Time greet your players off the field

* Start talking to your players after their cool down

* Commend team on their efforts, even if they have played not so well, there has to have been something constructive that the team did during the game

* Address team strengths and weaknesses of the team in positive fashion.

* Leave the team with a positive comment and words or praise.


Do not talk to long at the end of the game; players are by now both mentally and physically exhausted. Leave youre constructive but honest feed-back for the  Game Report. This can be handed to the players either before the next practice or at the practice. It allows the players to see how they are progressing and where they need to improve. Also make sure the parents are able to access a copy of the Game Report , either by e-mail or internet.


With the physical aspect of the game also being major factor, your players need to be ready as soon as the first whistle blows.  With the number of children playing soccer increasing, the number of players also suffering with injuries is becoming more and more alarming. Therefore preparing players to play is now becoming a much more important factor of the game. The link below will show how all ASA Travel Teams, prepare physically for a game of soccer.


Pre-Game Warm Ups


We all are very aware that preparation for any sport that we are about to participate in is important. So prepare your team in a correct manner. 


"Fail to prepare, Prepare to Fail"

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