AIM 2020 - AIM Reps


PLEASE NOTE - EARLY BIRD RAFFLE postponed til June 1

Hold on to any tickets you have collected until further notice - (Village Glen is closed)

AIM Rep Responsibilities

AIM Registration  - Register your team for the tournament here: we need you to do this so that we have the correct info about your team


Raffle Ticket Sales:  Each team has a goal of selling 6 Tickets per player.  But please shoot for more than that.  We have extra tickets if you need more.  The team that sells the most tickets will be allowed to skip AIM Weekend Duties.  The player who sells the most tickets will be awarded with $500 gift card.

Please keep your tickets organized and drop them off at the Village Glen Soccer office - Lockbox/Mailbox  (Cash or Checks payable to AMherst Soccer)

Dates to keep in mind:  

June1 - Early Bird Drawing - Note - delayed until June 1

May 15 - Deadline for the Top Team sales award (No Volunteer duties)  

May 31 - Final day to submit your tickets for the drawing. 

June 1 - Grand Prize drawing

WINNERS DO NOT need to be present at the drawing - they will be contacted by phone (or email) provided on their ticket)


Sponsorship - If you still want to sell an Ad for the tournament -  We won't have a Program this year, But we will have an App where the Advertiser's logo will rotate throughout.  (Better than the Program !!! )  The App will be used by the teams, players, families to view their schedules, and scores, etc.    The Sponsor's logo will also be placed on signs at the tournament and Village Glen and our website. - See AIM Tournament Sponsorship form for more details...


AIM Volunteer - Team Duties - Info to be posted soon


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