2017 Travel Soccer Team Placement Sessions


2017 Travel Soccer Team Placement Sessions


WEEK OF JULY 25th:   Teams are formed by September, begin practicing and playing indoors in November and play through July 2017.  Please mark your calendars

These sessions are a supplement to the information from prior year play and coach evaluations and players are not placed solely by performance for a few hours on these days.  Information related to ability, attendance, attitude, and interest is considered.  We will have two full player evaluations from coaches, Director of Coaching and coaching staff from the current travel season (8-10 individual assessements) and approximately 85% of the evaluation will be based upon this knowledge.  For those that have not played in the past, attending these sessions is very important.  

Please review the FAQ for important information about changes to our process, especially section 7, "What if my child doesn't make the team? When will I find out" here.

Please register online in mid-June

 This is to allow us to obtain a parent waiver.  

2016 TRAVEL ASSESSMENTS (for teams playing Nov 16 thru July 17)
at the NORTH FRENCH SOCCER COMPLEX , 1699 North French Road  
New this year:  USSF has changed the old Aug-Jul age ranges for play to Birth Year.
This is a national policy and will align youth soccer with all other sports and school
practices.  It simplifies the process.  All you need to do is attend the session for
your year of birth.           
DAY   DATE TIME BIRTH YEAR   All girls teams will be 
Monday 7/25 530pm 2007/2008   formed this year based
      700pm 1999/2000   upon two-year brackets.
            10-12-14-16.  Girls who 
Tuesday 7/26 700pm 2001/2002   would be 9 or 10 by the 
            birth year, will compete to
Wednesday 7/27 530pm 2003/2004   form mixed teams. The 
            best players, no matter age
Thursday 7/28 530pm 2005/2006   will be "A" team with 
            others forming "B" and "C"
Monday 7/25 530pm 2008   Boys teams will still be
      630pm 2007   formed on a single year
      700pm 1999/2000   basis. No exceptions will
            be made to attending the
Tuesday 7/26 530pm 2006   proper birth year session.
      700pm 2005   *U19/20 will be formed thru  
            interest as  
            expressed to   
Wednesday 7/27 600pm 2003   coaches  
      700pm 2002      



Friday   7/29 530pm 2001/2004      

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